“Repertoire & Standards is the heart of ACDA.”

I have heard this statement, or some variation of it, repeatedly over the years. I believe that it is true. The mission of ACDA is accomplished most thoroughly through the identification, dissemination, and performance of great repertoire. R&S is the also avenue through which ACDA identifies leaders, who in turn become advocates and resources for the constituencies they serve.

R&S in ACDA has gone through numerous adjustments over the years in a sincere effort to meet the needs of an evolving profession. Sweeping change, though, has been difficult for a variety of reasons, although most agree that the model we have used has become cumbersome and unwieldy.

It was my privilege to attend the ACDA National Board meeting last June to see the final steps in what has been a lengthy process to accomplish positive change in Repertoire & Standards. I was concerned about the implications, and asked many questions. It was a wonderful thing to see the careful consideration that has been part of the planning; there is a sincere, over-arching desire to serve ACDA’s membership with effectiveness.

The changes to R&S – the first of which will be to call it R&R (Repertoire & Resources) – bring increased flexibility, clarity, and functionality to the state, division, and national levels of ACDA. I encourage you to read the rationale written by Amy Blosser, National R&S Chair, and to vote for the amendment to the ACDA Constitution & By-Laws that will allow for this re-structuring.

I am grateful for the many people who have given countless hours to this process, and I look forward to the newest incarnation of the heart of ACDA.

Alicia W. Walker

Immediate Past - President, Southern Division ACDA