Southern Region ACDA's Second Annual 5K Fun Run 
Are you game?
The race starts Saturday morning with the singing of the national anthem at 7:30 am at Waterford Park adjacent to Galt House.
ACDA Members and guests, singers and complete choirs are welcome to join in.
  • Engraved and logo themed medals will be awarded to the first 10 finishers! Medals have conference logo on one side and are engraved on the reverse with the title and date of the race.
    The medals were kindly donated by Dan Basinger of All About Awards in Greensboro, NC.
  • The deadline to register (to get a shirt) is SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 10 th by 5pm - registration is NOT required, but only registered runners will receive the commemorative t-shirt!
  • By participating in this race, ACDA has permission to use any photographic means to record this race and thereby release images for promotional purposes.
  • Race starts at the Riverfront right behind the conference hotel at 7:30 AM after singing the national anthem on Saturday February 24.
  • Race maps will be available on the conference app.
  • The course will not be professionally timed and the course will not be marked - although volunteers will be keeping time and attempting to help at turns in the course.
  • Each runner is responsible for their own awareness of the course:
    There are no refunds as regardless of weather.
  • You can pick up your race t-shirt at the ACDA registration booth on FRIDAY between 8 and 5pm. If for any reason the race is cancelled due to weather you will be notified via the conference APP.
  • The $15* fee covers the cost of the t-shirt. Unregistered runners may join us on the day of the race, but they will not receive a t-shirt. *Sizes above 2X please add $5.
  • For entire choirs running the conductor or manager of your choir may submit a list of names and ages and t-shirt sizes along with a bulk payment from your organization.
  • To reserve your space for the race and order your t-shirt please fill out this form. 
  • Any additional race details will be on the conference app.
  • Questions should be directed to race coordinator: Emmy Burch (

    **Special Thanks to Beth Wilson for securing the route and working with the Visit Louisville Sports and Recreation Department.