<h3>Judy Bowers</h3>

Judy Bowers

<h3 align=center>Ken Fulton</h3>

Ken Fulton

Southern Region ACDA is pleased to announce a student conducting competition & masterclass for the 2018 Conference. Selected conductors will be assigned a selection to present at one of the R&R Reading sessions. These selections will be the subject of the masterclass with Dr. Ken Fulton and Dr. Judy Bowers with the assistance of the University of the Cumberlands Chorale, Dr. A. Joseph Wolfe, Jr., conductor, as they assist the student conductors in preparation for these presentations.


November 10, 2017
at 11:59 pm (EST)
Notification of participants will occur on or before December 15, 2017


PLEASE NOTE: The masterclass will be on Wednesday, February 21, 2018 from 12:00pm – 3:00 pm in the Galt House. Selected participants must be able to attend a mid-day session.


- Must include two contrasting selections from different time periods.
- One selection must include irregular, mixed, or changing meter.
- Video must not exceed 10 minutes in length.
- Each selection must be from a single take and unedited.
- Should be a frontal or front-side view of the conductor to see full range of conducting gesture.
- Video file should have nothing to identify school or applicant in the video or title.


Please submit the online application below once you have a link to your audition video.