Interest Sessions

Interest sessions are an important way of sharing some of the most recent and expert work in various fields of the choral art. Colleagues from across all areas of ACDA will have the opportunity to learn with and from each other through the Interest Session process.

 2020 Mobile Conference Interest Sessions (listed alphabetically)*

Allison Allerton & Trey Davis   Sacred Harp in Choral Literature: Raw, Visceral Humanity Revisited in a Postmodern World
Jeffery Ames Future Meets Past: New Spiritual Arrangements for Every Choir
Melissa Arasi  GALA Choruses: Not Just a Great Time!
Sarah Bowe & Regina Stroncek Repertório Coral Brasileiro: The Choral Music of Brazil
Judy Bowers & Justin Havard  Lift EVERY Voice: Audition Them Out or Teach Them In?
Morgan Burbaran  Voice Care: Techniques for the Professional Voice User and Vocal Athlete
Dan Forrest A New Horizon: Composing & Publishing in the 21st Century
Patrick Freer  Re-Voice and Rejoice: Adapting Choral Literature for Changing Adolescent Voices  
Craig Hurley  Increasing Musical Expression in Young Choirs  
Jefferson Johnson   Unlocking the Potential of the “Head Voice” in Changed-Voice Male Singers
Philip Kierstead  Recruitment, Repertoire, and Retention; Inspiring Middle School Boys to Sing
Carol Krueger & Hillary Ridgley  Literacy through Literature: Developing a Community of Empowered Musicians
Cameron LaBarr & John Wykoff The Melodic Voice: A Conversation with Alice Parker
Ryan Luhrs  Protest Music in Choral Settings  
Carol McClure  Britten’s Ceremony of Carols: Insights from the Harp Bench as a Choral Conductor
Andrew Minear  Constellations in the Cosmos: Choosing the Stars of Choral Literature
Phillip Morrow   Clarity and Expressiveness in Gesture: Tools to Achieve Communicative and Artful Conducting
Mark Patterson   Cultivating Excellence with Volunteer Voices  
José Rivera, Patricia Morales, and Dagmar Cardona Performance Practices (Ritmo, Texto, y Baile) of Latin-American Choral Music
Megan Rudolph   Navigating the Transgender Experience in the Choral Classroom
Donna Schaffer   An Introductory Pedagogy of Gospel Music for the Choral Educator  
Moira Smiley  Songs, Movement & Choral Composition 
Brenda Smith & Ron Burrichter You’re How Old and Want to Sing in My Choir?
Donald Trott   Leonard Bernstein’s Choral Music  
Michael Trotta   Empowering Ensembles: The Power of PEER Modeling
Helena Von Reuden  Internet Hacks for Finding New & Unique Repertoire by Women
Eric Wilkinson   Assessment Strategies That Work  
Sandra Willetts & John Lowe Lift EVERY Voice: Especially Those over 60!

  *some sessions liasted are included as Repertoire & Resources sessions presented in the R&R Symposia.