Performing Ensembles (APPLY!)

Performing choirs comprise one of the largest and most anticipated aspects of the conference programming, and are a sure highlight of each conference, featuring the best of performance and repertoire from across our region.

Auditions for the 2020 conference will be accepted between February 15 – April 4, 2019.

Performing Choir applications should include the information and items listed below. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

  • Director’s name, home address, phone, e-mail address, ACDA member number and expiration date;
  • Name of institution, address, name of choir, number of singers, voicing, and age level;
  • Proposed program for performance at the 2020 ACDA Southern Region conference. Please include title, composer, and approximate performance time in minutes and seconds. The total program time may not exceed 25 minutes including entrance, exit, and applause. The use of photocopies or duplicated music at ACDA conferences is strictly prohibited. Accompaniment in the forms of mp3/tape/CD may not be used on the audition recordings or on ACDA conference programs. ACDA encourages conductors to program a variety of styles from various eras unless proposing a concert by a single composer or genre. Only one manuscript (unpublished) piece may be included;
  • Uploads of three selections, comprising a total of 10-15 minutes in length, comprised of one selection each from 2018-2019; 2017-2018; and 2016-2017.
  • Please direct questions about the Performing Ensembles application process to Vincent Oakes at